What I'm up to now

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The big things in my life are currently

I’ll elaborate.

figuring out a job

I’m currently doing an exchange semester at the National University of Singapore, and I graduate from school this December of 2019 (woohoo for finishing a semester early and giving myself crippling existential angst!). I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I need to figure out a place to work at for a while afterwards.

I’ve been applying to APM programs because I think that I fit the job descriptions well, and I find true enjoyment in tying together my skills to create cool stuff.

I’m also interested in research roles, particularly at companies like DeepMind and OpenAI (I have high conviction that the intelligence field is one of the most important that I’ll have the opportunity to work on in my lifetime).

figuring out a life

If I were to graph self-perceived autonomy over the course of my life, I think that there’s a big peak right after graduating from college. I can choose to move my life anywhere in the entire world! I can choose which people to keep in my life and which to let go! Most of my structure and obligations disappear! I can completely renovate my moral foundation!

The combinatorial explosion of possibilities gives me analysis paralysis, but I’m trying my best to figure out who I am and what I want.

reading and thinking (more than usual)

In that pursuit, I’m spending a lot of time reading and thinking. I squeezed all of my classes into Thursday and Friday, so I have five days every week to do whatever I want. I’ve thus far elected to ingest a slew of information and ideas (books, blogs, poems, podcasts, movies, etc …) and systematically think about them to help me understand myself and my desires better.

working on Aloud

I can’t help myself from doing something entrepreneurial with all this free time, so me and a friend have been working on a project called Aloud. Aloud is a product I’ve wanted to exist for a very long time, and I’m happy that I can now deliver it to others.

We’ve raised a little bit of money from 1517 fund and CU Boulder to help get things started, and we’re very excited about launching and growing.

Last updated: Oct 2019